The Ministry of Health

God is the Creator of all life, including the life we live in our bodies. Jesus went about not only teaching and proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel. He embodied the love of God as he healed persons long afflicted with disease.  

As disciples of Jesus, we are compelled to follow in his healing way. 

At Seneca Presbyterian, we believe in supporting healthy living. This ministry is  provided by our Diaconate and is coordinated by the Health and Wellness Team. Combined with the ministry of Ernie Lombard, our Parish Nurse, we strive to learn all we can about nutrition, safety, physical well-being, and chronic disease management. We also strive to support each other when  illness invades our lives. 

Live & Learn

At various times throughout the year, the Health and Wellness Team plans informative sessions on topics related to healthy living. These sessions usually take place during a weekday afternoon. 

In the past, health care professionals from the community have been invited to share their knowledge about topics such as: 

Pain management

Preventing falls

Living with diabetes

Heart disease

Healthy eating

We have also addressed some key life transitions that come with the process of aging, particularly making a decision to move to a Continuous Care Retirement Community. 

The Health and Wellness Team welcomes suggestions about topics for Live & Learn that would benefit church members and friends. Watch the bulletin and Presby Press for information about the next Live & Learn session.