Our Ruling Elders

Class of 2021

David Hartman

Ann Castle

Jerry Fouts

Mark Davenport

Class of 2022

Steve Gibson

Kris Paulik

Chuck Kellner

Everett Fuller


Class of 2023

Gary Owens

Glenn McCants

Kathy Gerner

Chad Laxton

Our Deacons

Class of 2021

Julie Perkins

Pat Harris

Class of 2022

Donna Beebe

An Fuller

Carolyn Maddox

Luke McPhail

Class of 2023

Liz Laxton

Sally Fortune

Sue Anders

Vicki Andy


Donna Absher (2021)

How Presbyterians Govern Their Church

Presbyterians get their name from the way they govern or order their life together. The world presbyter is a Greek word meaning "elder." Presbyterians are governed by Teaching Elders (what we call ministers) and Ruling Elders (leaders chosen from the congregation). Presbyterians believe that life among any group of people, but especially congregations, goes more smoothly if no one person holds too much power or authority. So our congregations are governed by the Session: a group of Ruling Elders elected by the congregation and the Teaching Elder(s) who serve that congregation. 

At Seneca Presbyterian Church, we also have Deacons. They are members chosen from and elected by the congregation. Their ministry is to care for the people: welcoming visitors, encouraging membership, helping members to find their places of fellowship, learning, and service, and especially caring for people in times of need. 

Our currently serving Ruling Elders and Deacons are listed above.