The Church for All People

You will often see the phrase "The Church for All People: Serving God Through Serving Others" in connection with Seneca Presbyterian Church. It is a vision statement that was adopted by the congregation during  a time of transition.  The story is told that this particular statement was written by our youth. It contains two  features that we believe are essential to being church. 

First: we strive to welcome all. Seneca Presbyterian Church does not belong to us. It belongs to God - and God welcomes all into the family of the Church. Young and old. Black and white. Gay and straight. Rich and poor. God welcomes you just as you are. No judgments, no conditions, no qualifying exams.  As God gives us the opportunity, we seek to welcome all to Seneca Presbyterian Church. 

Serving God through

Serving Others

The second essential feature of our vision statement is: Serving God through Serving Others.  

We strive to live out that mark of being the Church of Jesus Christ by devoting our time, our resources, our gifts, and our dreams to serving our brothers and sisters in Christ.  That includes the ones within our family of faith and within our community.  You can read more about our opportunities for service  in other sections of this web site. But here are just a few of the  agencies we support with our financial gifts, our volunteer time, our space, our energy, and our prayers:

The Oconee Presbyterian Service Fund

Ripple of One

Alcoholics Anonymous

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Rest

The Golden Corner Food Pantry

Meals on Wheels

Project SOAR (Blue Ridge Elementary School)

The Backpack Program (Oconee County Schools)

Family Friends (Department of Social Services)


Days for Girls