Shepherds and Friends in Faith

Under the leadership of our Diaconate, the Friends in Faith program provides a way for us to

serve every member of the congregation. 

Shepherds are recruited to care for a group of church members or regular attendees. These are their "Friends in Faith." When someone is sick or in need, Shepherds can arrange for delivering meals prepared by volunteers from the congregation. They visit in hospitals and nursing homes. They also serve as companions for the extended family of their Friends in Faith during memorial services.  Shepherds can provide other services on a case by case basis. 

At all times, shepherds "watch over" their Friends in Faith. They send birthday and anniversary cards along with get well cards; they make telephone contacts; they answer questions and serve as a communication link with the greater life

of our congregation. 

All currently serving Deacons are Shepherds. Those fifteen person are supplemented by over twenty five additional Shepherd volunteers. To learn more about this ministry, contact the current moderator of the Diaconate. 

That name is printed in the Presby Press each month.