Needing Prayers

Church Family: Nancy Allgood, Reid Arnold, Rick Black, Priscilla Byars, Fynn DeHay, Robert Dendy, Rev. George Harper, Harry & Pat Hendershot, Jack Kinback (former member), Larry Kolze, Paul LaRoche, Maria Leitner, Janet May, Wane Montague, Jeff Montague, Bruce Norton, Suzanne Peden, Cecil Rigby, Bob Simpson, Debbie Simpson, Bill Thompson, Bob White, and Gary Whitehead.


Extended Church Family: Frank Anello (Robin Smith’s brother), *Barbara (dear friend of Donna McIntire), Sandra Black (Charlotte McDonald), Keaton Clary (brother-in-law of Janey Turner), Art & Carol Conger (Helen Kelly’s sister & brother-in laws), Norman Faircloth (brother of Merilyn Moss), Evans Harris (husband of Pat Harris), Gabbie Holodnak and Fiancé Russell (Joan Krech’s granddaughter), Lucas (the 1lb.14.5oz baby) and his parents, Jennifer and Steven Harrison, Linda Kelly (cousin of Elaine Williams), Donald Rieck (son of Doris Rieck), Gregory Rigby (brother of Cecil Rigby), Tommy Saggus (Pat Huggins brother), Jim Southern (Carolyn Palmer’s brother), Bob Willard (Elaine Williams’ nephew).

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God of justice, peace and righteousness come into our midst today. Breathe your breath, your Spirit of prophecy, your energy, your enlivening, your imagination on us. Wake us up. Open our eyes and unplug our ears that we might hear, that we might see, that we might grieve, that we might dream and that we might follow the ways of your extraordinary kingdom. In Christ Jesus name we pray.