Nurturing a Living and Growing Faith

"God loves you just the way you are, but God loves you too much to leave you that way."  

This delightfully memorable statement comes to us from Reformed theologian Dale Bruner. It summarizes the Presbyterian approach to growing in faith. "God loves us just the way we are." That's the grace of God reaching out to us to receive us just as we are because there is nothing we need to do or can do to earn God's love. 

"But God loves us too much to leave us that way." God calls us and walks with us on a journey of deepening faith where the truth of God's grace and the promise of God's redemption of the world become increasing real and central in our lives. That journey of discipleship comes in many ways and in many places. It certainly includes Bible study as we grow in understanding of scripture in order to receive its truth and power in our lives. It also includes theology - understanding what we believe and why. But we are also called to engage God's world with serious study and reflection, because God loves the world and longs to make it whole again. 

At Seneca Presbyterian, we come together in groups large and small to study scripture, to share our faith journeys, to ask questions, and to listen to each other. We listen to wise teachers who may be physically present with us, "live" on video tape, or sharing their insights through the printed words of good books. But we do more than just listen. We engage the "experts," ask questions, and share experiences. That's because we believe the Holy Spirit speaks to us in many voices. Ultimately it is up to each of us to decide which voices speak best to us. 

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A Person of Mature and Maturing Christian Faith is...

Confident in and sustained by a vibrant, personal, and active relationship with God through Jesus Christ as the source of identity, purpose, and hope.

• Oriented toward that relationship in all areas of life, namely that which is valued and how life decisions are made as well as how one relates to others and to the wider world.

• Grounded by a foundational understanding of the key teachings of the Church as expressed in biblical story and Church doctrine.

• Actively engaged in a community of faith that serves as a source of spiritual sustenance, challenge, and service.

• Actively engaged in activity that proclaims and advances the kingdom of God on earth.