Vacation Bible School

for Children

Children love Bible School! We host a week long VBS each summer, typically in July. It includes an opportunity for children to learn Bible stories and songs, make some fun crafts, and enjoy recreation. We begin with preschoolers who are four years old and planning on a pre-K learning experience in the upcoming year. We continue through rising sixth graders. Children from the community join in with our own children and grandchildren. For more information about this year's offering, check on the WHAT'S HAPPENING section. 

Vacation Bible School

for Adults

Just like children, adults can enjoy VBS at SPC.  Adults gather for their summer learning experience on several evenings in a row, typically during the first week of August. They enjoy a meal together and then engage in the study of a current topic of interest led by a guest teacher. In the past we have focused on  major world religions, healthy living,  studies in American Christianity, an overview of the Bible, and  helping the "haves" understand the "have nots." You can read more about current plans under the WHAT'S HAPPENING  section. 

Great Decisions

Great Decisions is a study opportunity sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association. Eight topics of international interest are selected each year.   A briefings book/study guide is prepared along with a supporting video. Participants then gather in discussion groups to share information, insights,  and questions. The result is a more informed public and a greater awareness of what is happening in the world. 

Although Great Decisions is published by a secular organization, we believe Christians are called to be thoughtful citizens of the world. We seek to include our understanding of faith and what God is doing and desires for the world as we engage in conversation. You can learn more about Great Decisions here

Our Great Decisions discussion group typically meets on Wednesday evenings in the months of June and July. We have been blessed to have Jay Hetherington as our facilitator. Jay's career was spent in government service with the CIA as well as teaching at Clemson University.  For more information about this year's plans, consult the WHAT'S HAPPENING section.