Learning Opportunities on Sunday Mornings

Sunday School traditionally happens each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. We offer four classes for adults and one class for children. You can check for news of the latest happenings by consulting a current bulletin or the current month's Presby Press. 

.... for Adults

Adults who gather as students are free to choose the topics and materials for their study, under the guidance of the Christian Education Committee and the supervision of the Session. Most  classes for adults meet on the church office hallway. That's the hallway off of Knohl Hall opposite the sanctuary. Check the details for the Men's Bible Study Class in order to find their location. With the exception of special event Sundays, classes gather at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. 

Each class is different yet each offers a friendly welcome. Give several a try. It's OK to come and go! 

  • The Koinonia Class

    Koinonia is a Greek word meaning fellowship or community. Our Koinonia class is for men and women, both married and single. They first gathered in order to be led in a detailed study of key portions of the Old Testament facilitated by founding teacher Betty Lehner.  More recently, they have shared facilitation of discussion through the use of video tapes whose sources include the Teaching Company and other mainline publishing houses. 

    Recent video studies have included:

    Reading Biblical Literature: Genesis to Revelation

    Lives of Great Christians

    The Holy Land Revealed

    The History of the Bible: Making of the New Testament Canon

    John: the Gospel of Light and Life (Adam Hamilton) 

    The Koinonia Class often hosts special studies during the Advent and Lenten seasons allowing guests to join for that limited series. In Lent of 2017 they hosted a study of Forgiveness by Marjorie Thompson.  They hope their guests will become members once the special study concludes. 

    This class meets year-round including the summer months. You can find them in the next to last classroom on the left-hand side of the church office hallway. For more information, contact Dan Toole (rodan1@charter.net). 

  • The Men's Bible Study

    The Men's Bible Study Class of Seneca Presbyterian Church has a long and fond history. They can trace their roots to the Chapter House where they gathered weekly for study and fellowship, including spirited hymn singing. These days they gather in the lower level of the Archie Barron Fellowship Hall building. (This is the building behind the cross that watches over the Oak St. parking lot.) 

    Our men use as the basis of their study the curriculum series The Present Word published by the PC (USA). This series follows the Uniform Lesson Series of mainline Protestant denominations. 

    The Men's Bible Study Class traditionally goes on hiatus for two summer months: 

    June and July. For more information, contact Louis Holleman (louischolleman@bellsouth.net). 

  • The Open Door Class

    An open door is an open invitation to conversation and welcome.  Our Open Door class engages that invitation to conversation by focusing its study  on a book chosen by the class. Students read portions of the study book in preparation for discussion each week. But once that discussion gets started, you can join in even if you have not done your "homework." It is, after all, an open door. 

    This group includes men and women, both married and single.  You can find them in the library, which is the first room on the left-hand side of the church office hallway. 

    Recent book studies have included:

    An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor

    Pastrix and Accidental Saints, both by Nadia Bolz Weber

    The Bible's Yes to Same-Sex Marriage: An Evangelical's Change of Heart by Mark                                       Achtemeier

    Getting to the Heart of Interfaith by Pastor Don Mackenzie,  Rabbi Ted Falcon,  and Imam                        Jamal Rahman

    Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church by  Rachel Held Evans

    America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New  America

                 by Jim Wallis

    Come Thirsty by Max Lucado

    The Open Door Class is typically on hiatus for the summer months (Memorial Day - Labor Day). For more information contact Bonnie Andruszka (bandruszka@gmail.com).  

  • The Sara Davis Stribling Class

    The women of Seneca Presbyterian Church have an equally strong heritage for study as the men. Our women have gathered for generations for Bible study, support, and fellowship. You can find them in the Sara Davis Stribling classroom which is the next to last classroom on the right side of the church office hallway. 

    The women also use The Present Word curriculum as their guide to study, following the Uniform Lesson Series. 

    Our women gather faithfully year-round. 

.... for Children

Seneca Presbyterian is blessed to have a small but very friendly group of children who gather each week during the school year for Sunday School learning and activities. In addition to learning Bible stories, our children sponsor a child through World Vision. Traditionally they prepare goodies for an annual bake sale in support of their friend. They also prepare personalized Bible story scrapbooks for children who are baptized in our church family. 

They meet in the Craft Room on the lower level of the Educational Building (just under the church office hallway) but you can often see signs of their learning posted in that upstairs hallway. They have even left their "mark" around the church. If you see a stone marked "this is a holy place," you can know our Sunday School children have been there!

For more information, contact Susan Caldwell (sccaldwell11@bellsouth.net) or Ann Smith (asmith124@att.net)  In order to give our faithful teachers a break, children's Sunday School does not meet during the summer months.