Brown Bag & Bible

The BB&B Bible study group meets on Thursdays at noon in the Sara Davis Stribling classroom, They meet not only to study scripture. They also share concerns, support one another, and offer up prayers for the community of  Seneca Presbyterian Church. 

Collectively, the group decides on a topic of study, which is typically a book of the Bible. In recent years, this group has studied the Gospel of Matthew, several letters of Paul, and the book of Isaiah. 

They are beginning to study on September 6th:  If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out Of The Boat by: John Ortberg.

Because they take their study seriously and patiently, it may take a year or more to work through a book of the Bible. It's not because they are slow learners! It is because this group is open to questions, to discussion, and to discerning together what the Spirit might be saying to us. 

Newcomers are always welcome to join in. Feel free to bring your lunch - and your questions, concerns, prayers, and insight. 

Circle Bible Study with Presbyterian Women

Each of our Circles sponsored by Presbyterian Women offers an opportunity for study. Most often  they utilize the Horizons Bible Study, an annual resource prepared by  the Presbyterian Women of the PC (USA). But circles are free to study whatever they wish. To learn more about the current study sponsored by PW nationally, click here. To learn more about what each circle is studying, check out the current edition of Presby Press