Photo Gallery

We love to take pictures of events at Seneca Presbyterian Church! If you click on the picture of past events listed below, you will be linked to our Facebook page where you can see additional pictures of that event. The photo gallery above contains pictures from the 100th anniversary celebration  of our sanctuary held on June 24- 25, 2017. Enjoy! 

  • SPC Garden

    What in the world is going on next to the upper church parking lot??? The foundation of a skyscraper? A new memorial garden? Or perhaps a graveyard? How about a pen for pigs or a chicken coop? Not so! The Mission and Community Care committee has begun a project to bring good nutrition, healthful living, and exciting learning to children and families of our community by creating a working community garden. It will also be a sign of our love and care for our earth and for the people around us! Our plan is for three raised beds, 4 by 24 feet, with gravel paths surrounding, all enclosed in a critter proof fence (we hope), with irrigation and the blessing of sunshine and care! We plan to involve children and families from Ripple of One. Also, see more pictures here

  • Children's Vacation Bible School: July 9-13, 2019

    In July we welcomed children to Seneca Presbyterian Church as they gathered for five mornings to learn about being a hero for God.  Thank you teachers and parents for a fun-filled and joyful week. Remember:  Do good, seek peace, and go  after it!  Also, see pictures of the past here.

  • Live & Learn: An Exploration of the

    2017 Solar Eclipse

    Donald Liebenberg is a member of Seneca Presbyterian Church. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics and teaches in an adjunct position at Clemson University. At a luncheon after church on July 30, he helped us prepare for the total solar eclipse that passed over Seneca on August 21, 2017. Don's career has focused on the sun, especially the sun's corona that is visible during a total solar eclipse. He has developed instrumentation and observed 27 total eclipses of the sun including a flight he requested on the Concorde.  You can read more about Don here.  Also, see more pictures here.

  • Adult Vacation Bible School with

    Dr. Bob Bryant: August 4-6, 2019

    In early August we will gather for an evening adult Vacation Bible School. Dr. Bob Bryant will lead . You can see the past pictures here.