Honoring and Remembering

Flowers add beauty to worship and also enable us to remember or honor loved ones in our lives.  All floral arrangements for Sunday morning worship services are contributed by members. They can be flowers from personal gardens or provided by a florist of their choice. Our  florist is Heartwarmers. For more information about their services, click here

In place of flowers, donations can be made to a favorite fund or charity. To sign up for a Sunday, consult the Flower Calendar Notebook located on the table across from the church office or you can sign up on the form here. Thank you!

Flowers for the Month of August 2020

August 2 — 

August 9 —Lyn and Bruce Norton are putting flowers in the sanctuary in                    honor of their 63rd wedding anniversary.

August 16 — Donna and Wayne Montague are putting flowers in the sanctuary in honor of their 60th wedding anniversary.

August 23 — Peggy and Jerry Fouts are putting flowers in the sanctuary in honor of their 61st wedding anniversary.

August 30 - A donation is being made to The Lions Club for all those chicken dinners in loving memory of Jack Arnold.