Important Faith Moments in Our Lives

There are moments when the grace and love of God enter our lives with special intensity. When children are born or when we come to faith. When we marry. When someone we love dies. The Church and its traditions are here to mark those moments, to seek God's presence in them, and to share them with family and friends. 

  • Baptism

    When parents wish to present their child for baptism, the request is taken to the Session for approval. On most occasions, one or both of the parents are members of Seneca Presbyterian Church. But there are occasions where a child can be baptized in our congregation while parents are members of another Christian church. Perhaps a parent grew up at Seneca Presbyterian and grandparents are still active here. That baptism would be a multi generational celebration.

    All that is required to present a child for baptism is an acknowledgment that a child is a gift from God and a commitment to nurture faith in Jesus Christ with that child until he or she wishes to confirm their own faith.

    Since baptism marks the beginning of the journey of faith, youth and adults are also baptized in Presbyterian churches. If someone wishes to join Seneca Presbyterian Church and has not been baptized, he or she would join on profession of faith followed by baptism.

    Whether the baptism is of an infant, a child, a teen, or an adult, baptism is a joyous celebration of new life in Christ.

  • Weddings

    When a couple desires to be married in the sanctuary of Seneca Presbyterian Church, they should contact the church office. Policy guidelines and fees will be shared upon request. It is customary that a wedding conducted in our sanctuary would be officiated by a minister who is associated with Seneca Presbyterian. Other ministers are welcome to share in the ceremony. 

    All weddings held in our sanctuary require the approval of the Session. Premarital counseling is strongly advised. The great majority of weddings performed at Seneca Presbyterian would involve a member of the church or the family of that member.  However, non-member weddings are allowed after approval from the Session.  

  • Memorial Services

    The experience of death is a moment when faith and the church community play a strong and important supporting role. When a family experiences a death, the family would be in consultation with a minister associated with Seneca Presbyterian in order to assist in planning a memorial service. You can read more about memorial service guidelines here

    If ground burial is desired, the family should coordinate arrangements carefully with the funeral home of their choice and the church. If cremation is planned, there is no need to secure any additional services from a funeral home.  You can learn more about our Memorial Garden here